Think Big

I do believe I’m developing somewhat of a cult following among those looking for large/tall/plus size aprons!  It helps that I’m surrounded by models in the over six foot category (male AND female).  Even my grandkids are destined to be tall – when they’re 2, they wear Sz 4.  When they’re 6, they wear 8s. I was already making men’s aprons in larger sizes (because of those models I told you about.)

Early on, I overheard a couple of ladies at a craft fair bemoaning the lack of cute aprons for larger ladies – AHA!  I said – and proceeded to make several plus size aprons.  The well endowed women always want to make sure the apron covers the ‘girls’ – lol!  I’m working on it – everyone should have an apron that fits and that they love!  I have a wonderful pattern from Indygo Junction


that I can easily adjust to add additional inches.  It’s billed as a one-size and it does fit many sizes, except those with the ‘big girls’!!  But, by simply adding a few necessary inches when I’m cutting it, the same wonderful apron can fit the girls with the big bazooms!

Add the necessary inches to the middle of the apron prior to cutting.

Add the necessary inches to the middle of the apron prior to cutting.


I do have some patterns that will make up to a 2xl and they’re great, too.  We need to cover those girls – what do they say?  ‘Never trust a skinny cook”???

I’ve recently added some even larger ladies’ aprons – these cover the 2X-5X sizes. They’re mostly simple butcher style patterns, some with embellishments to give them something extra. And, now that I have my new best friend, Gertrude (my dressform) to model, I’ll be able to experiment with modifying some other patterns for the plus size crowd!


Land of a Thousand Aprons

When I started this madness, I never EVER would have believed I’d be approaching the 1,000 apron mark! Whew – who’d a thunk it? In the beginning, it struck me that I should take pictures of each apron – just to keep track of them and to help me remember what I’d already made, etc. Well, thank goodness! I have JPEGs of almost all of them – even the ‘hits that missed’! This is also how I know I’m nearing 1000, since my memory is dimming – lol!

*Check out for some fabulous recipes to make in your favorite apron!

Anyhoo, it’s fun to look back through the list and remember where they went, whether I liked them or not (honestly, I don’t always like them, but usually SOMEONE likes it, even if I don’t!). There were a few that definitely fell in the experimental category and quite a few of those experiments were NOT repeated. At one point, I even started naming the aprons, lol! Got over that, but I still have feelings for them, and when someone says, “Oh, that’s perfect!” it warms the cockles of my heart. Warm cockles are a good thing. Selling an apron that has been languishing in the closet, makes me feel like I’ve placed the runt of the litter in a good home.

Crazy? Yup! Apron crazy, living in the Land of 1000 Aprons and loving it!