Land of a Thousand Aprons

When I started this madness, I never EVER would have believed I’d be approaching the 1,000 apron mark! Whew – who’d a thunk it? In the beginning, it struck me that I should take pictures of each apron – just to keep track of them and to help me remember what I’d already made, etc. Well, thank goodness! I have JPEGs of almost all of them – even the ‘hits that missed’! This is also how I know I’m nearing 1000, since my memory is dimming – lol!

*Check out for some fabulous recipes to make in your favorite apron!

Anyhoo, it’s fun to look back through the list and remember where they went, whether I liked them or not (honestly, I don’t always like them, but usually SOMEONE likes it, even if I don’t!). There were a few that definitely fell in the experimental category and quite a few of those experiments were NOT repeated. At one point, I even started naming the aprons, lol! Got over that, but I still have feelings for them, and when someone says, “Oh, that’s perfect!” it warms the cockles of my heart. Warm cockles are a good thing. Selling an apron that has been languishing in the closet, makes me feel like I’ve placed the runt of the litter in a good home.

Crazy? Yup! Apron crazy, living in the Land of 1000 Aprons and loving it!


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