Christmas Tags

In Apronland, there are always scraps and always excess STUFF – bits and pieces of trims, single buttons, cardboard from trim packages, etc., etc. I’ve always thought I should be able to find a use for those great little pieces of cardboard that the seam binding and rick rack are wound around.
Getting ready for my annual Ladies’ Weekend in the mountains – this year our theme was “Christmas in August” – I bought some brown paper tags to decorate (saw it on Pinterest). Then I realized those handy dandy little cardboard pieces were just about the same size as the tags I’d purchased! YIPPEE – an idea was born.


Junior Wait Staff Training

At our annual family reunion this summer, I made waiter/waitress aprons for our little people, filled the pockets with a tablet, pencils and napkins and set the kids loose in the crowd to take cocktail orders! Someone got ahold of an eyebrow pencil and added mustaches to make our waiters more authentic. The littlest one danced her way through the crowd. The littlest boy took his duties VERY seriously! And everyone had some laughs with our ‘junior wait staff’ training!