Anyone got a hankie?

I’ve always had a fondness for beautiful floral hankies. Back in the day (oh, say 58 years ago, give or take), my mom used to let me carry one to school each day. Darn good thing, too! Did I ever tell you the story about my kindergarten trauma? I got myself in trouble by humming! Yup, according to the teacher (whom I normally liked), there was a time for working and a time for humming and they were NOT the same time!!! To teach me that lesson (because being the normally cheerful child I was, I hummed while I worked) this mean, hateful disciplinarian made me stand in front of the entire kindergarten class and sing every song I knew – and I knew ALOT of songs!! Not bright enough to sing one or two, shut up and sit down, I sang them all!! – all the while sobbing dramatically in my now soggy hankerchief (it was the round green one with scalloped edges and pink roses). The episode is etched permanently in my mind. I know without a doubt I wouldn’t have made it through kindergarten without a hankie!
Someday, in my spare time (when I figure out what that is . . .), I’d love to try to make a hankie apron. They always look so cool, but I never had one of those!


2 thoughts on “Anyone got a hankie?

  1. A hankie apron would beautiful——-go for it. I just told my hubby about your Apron Land and that you had made 1000 or more aprons——–he said “Betty Lou, get busy!” Lol. I have enjoyed browsing around your blog and Etsy shop.

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