Sloooooowly I Turn

Once upon a time, I knew a joke that started “sloooooowly I turn; inch by inch; step by step . . .” Well, that’s all I can remember of the joke except that it had some ridiculously silly punchline (which remains unknown at this point). Anyhoo, the leaves are turning and that’s my signal to turn the boxes!

I might be accused of having a touch of OCD – not to the level of “Monk”, you understand, just a mild need to keep somewhat organized. I’m sure you all have a system of dealing with summer clothes vs. winter clothes. Well, mine is labeled boxes – one side is labeled SUMMER and the reverse FALL/WINTER. When I swap out the short sleeves for the long sleeves, the boxes are turned and ‘Voila!’ I know what’s in the box!

The leaves have been turning beautifully lately, the sweaters have been in use and the electric blankie’s turned on, so it was time for the semi-annual swap this a.m.!


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