How long does it take to make an apron?

The #1 question people ask me is: “How long does it take you to make an apron?” I never have an answer! So, I think I should count it up:
1) Surf the web and/or cruise fabric stores looking for cute material: we’ll say, conservatively, a half hour for each apron, more like 5 hours if I get caught up, or drive to the store!
2) Sit and think about which pattern to use: this is hard for me. Sometimes it takes weeks – it’s even taken YEARS before I come up with a plan for a piece of fabric, so anywhere from .5 to 8760 hours (1 year)
3) Find the coordinating fabrics, trims and embellishments needed for the chosen apron pattern: first search is through my own stash, which would probably takes at least another half hour – if I have to start from #1 again, it might be 5 hours!
4) Pin and cut the apron: 15 minutes or so once I’m ready to roll.
5) Sew the apron: depending on the complexity, trim and amount of handwork necessary for the apron I have in mind, this takes anywhere from .5 to about 2 hours.

Theoretically, I’m done now, but WAIT!

Now we have:
6) Press and tag apron: .25
7) Measure apron and enter description, price, size and status on inventory list: .25
8) Photograph apron – ETSY wants up 5 shots of each piece. Since I’m photographing and modeling myself most of the time, this requires me to rig up delayed shots and then run around to get in the picture!

My version of a tripod!

My version of a tripod!

If the grandkids are modeling, we’d need to add extra time while they wiggle, giggle and roll around on the floor. Then add finding props, editing photos, re-taking the shots when they’re blurry (ya think?), etc. and I’d estimate a single apron takes minimum half hour to process = .5, but could take 2 hours.
9) Post on line: about .25 per apron, only because I’ve already written the description and taken measurements.

Well, there you have it: Anywhere from 4.25 hours up to 8770.50 hours per apron!!! I think I need a nap.


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