Confessions of a Plant Junkie

Before aprons, there were flowers! Lots and lots and LOTS of flowers! I once went to the local nursery (on my daily visit) and the clerk told me, “You’re a plant junkie!” Humph – just ’cause I needed a quick flower fix, no need to call me names.
But, yeah, I guess I was. I could never decide which I liked best, and ended up getting a little of this and a little of that. Same thing with the accents – so many choices, so hard to decide.

So, what do garden gnomes, St. Francis and turtles have in common?? Nothing!! That’s my point. (I’m talking about that syndrome where people can’t decide on a cohesive look and end up with everything from naked women to frogs in their gardens!!!

I visited gardens whenever I could – Butchart in British Columbia, Longview in Delaware, even the Kukenhopf in the Netherlands. GORGEOUS, FABULOUS, AMAZING! What I learned from them was that mass plantings have far more impact than one of this and one of that. Toward the end of my gardening days, I think I had the theory down pretty well!

My primary ornament of choice became sunfaces – at one point there were probably 20 or more on the fences.

So, how does this relate to aprons? When I opened my ETSY shop of handmade aprons, I decided to focus strictly on aprons. Not because there aren’t great things out there and other things I enjoy making, but because I knew how easily I can get sidetracked – if I made ONE potholder, then it’d be a table runner, then some towels, then hooter hiders and, after that, who knows what!??!!!


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