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A while back I told you the saga of the missing dinosaur aprons, but did I mention the part of my sewing machine that I lost?! How do I do this?????
Last holiday season, in the midst of a HUGE order for aprons heading to the Cincinnati Convention Center for an event, I lost the bobbin cover for my machine – UGH. UFFDA. Not that I’m surprised that I lost something in the sweatshop (see Busier Than a One-Legged River Dancer and It’s a Process), but I simply didn’t spare the time to order a new part. My best guess was that the 1″ x 1″ plastic part had probably made it’s way into the pocket on one of the aprons and some unsuspecting person was even then trying to figure out what it was!
I had to keep going – it was the busy season after all, so I simply taped over the well where the bobbin sits and kept on truckin’ – I mean sewing.
Yes, you’ve guessed the end of this story. Today – while working on THIS year’s big order for Cincinnati, BTW – I FOUND the stinkin’ little piece of plastic!!! There it was – in my bag of bobbins that I get into at least 20 times a day every day. How do I do this? It’s not easy being me . . .

Back home where it belongs!

Back home where it belongs!

But I Don’t Cook – Part II

Well, call the caterer, put on a fancy apron and PRETEND, for Heaven sake! Your guests don’t have to know everything – lol!!!

I’ve been making some new holiday hostess aprons lately. You can see them at my ETSY shop:

But I Don’t Cook!

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this when selling aprons at a Farmers’ Market, Craft Fair or similar event. And I want to say ‘REALLY??’ – you can’t think of anything else you can do in an apron? (Do you craft? Do you sew? Do you knit? Do you have animals?) You never give gifts? You don’t know anyone who DOES cook?!
I have to confess, I still mainly think of aprons as kitchen tools myself, but since the birth of Tie One On! Aprons, I’ve heard the other side of the argument as well – and gotten lots of great ideas in the process.
One customer ordered a red, white and blue utility apron somewhere around 4th of July. I thought, “Great! I’ll bet they’re working at a booth on the Fourth!”



Then I got a fun little note from the lady who purchased the apron that explained “My family owns a fireworks company. I’m the office manager and I’m going to wear the apron in the office.” YAY! How cool is that?
Another great idea – I think – is a set of aprons for a second marriage. When people marry later in life, they have pretty much everything they need – you don’t have to get them a toaster – you can get something fun. Several people have told me they were purchasing aprons for just that reason. In one case, we chose coordinating tiger print aprons for the bride and groom. Since the newlyweds were nearing 70, the animal prints elicited plenty of teasing.

The utility aprons, especially, make fabulous little gifts without a lot of expense. They’re perfect for kids and adults alike.
*Going to a dinner party? Staying overnight with a friend? – Choose a utility in a theme that matches the event or the person and watch their delight when they receive the apron!
*Trying to think of new things to stuff in those Christmas stockings? Aprons are perfect! They’re even more fun when you fill the pockets – pens, pencils, crayons, tablets, scissors, craft items, seeds, plant markers.
*Need a children’s birthday gift? Pair up a cute apron with another gift – a tea set, a children’s cookbook, felt food, a bake set.
*Going to a bridal shower? Aprons are back “in” and very popular with young brides! Choose one of the sexy models for that – she probably doesn’t cook, either, but who cares?
My grandsons have their own egg business and utility aprons have been a handy thing for them, too. I made them each their own apron.
They can even collect the eggs in them! We’ve donated aprons to their Chicken Club raffles (great prizes). The 4H leaders love them.
The 3B Egg Company - Fallon, Nevada

The 3B Egg Company – Fallon, Nevada

987-Rooster Waitress Apron on Red Dot w Yellow Ties

This was was chosen by a child as a Mother's Day present

This was was chosen by a child as a Mother’s Day present

One of my customers has a son and daughter-in-law who live in Italy. She chose the “Italian Cooking” print apron to send to her daughter-in-law.
1015-Italian Cooking Butcher
So, if you don’t cook and you can’t think of anything to do in an apron, think GIFT! Keep a few on hand for those last minute things that pop up – you’ll be glad you did!

Busier than a one-legged River Dancer!

When I started this whole apron thing, it was kind of a lark. Like my Dad used to say, it was ‘something to do.’ I just sort of eased into it, thinking ‘I’ll see how it goes.’
Well, it went! Now I’m busier than a one-legged River Dancer, aprons have crept into every corner of my home and the whole thing has sort of taken on a life of it’s own.
With the holiday season fast approaching, my family room is literally covered with fabric and aprons!

Not only that, but the racks of finished fall and winter aprons in there, too!
The ‘sweatshop’ is in a similar state. Dad, with his never-ending collection of cliches would say, “Looks like a tornado hit it!” Keep in mind, this is all in about a 11’x12′ room – YIKES!

And, back in the corner of the family room is the office where I try valiantly to keep track of it all!
Computer corner