Busier than a one-legged River Dancer!

When I started this whole apron thing, it was kind of a lark. Like my Dad used to say, it was ‘something to do.’ I just sort of eased into it, thinking ‘I’ll see how it goes.’
Well, it went! Now I’m busier than a one-legged River Dancer, aprons have crept into every corner of my home and the whole thing has sort of taken on a life of it’s own.
With the holiday season fast approaching, my family room is literally covered with fabric and aprons!

Not only that, but the racks of finished fall and winter aprons in there, too!
The ‘sweatshop’ is in a similar state. Dad, with his never-ending collection of cliches would say, “Looks like a tornado hit it!” Keep in mind, this is all in about a 11’x12′ room – YIKES!

And, back in the corner of the family room is the office where I try valiantly to keep track of it all!
Computer corner


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