A while back I told you the saga of the missing dinosaur aprons, but did I mention the part of my sewing machine that I lost?! How do I do this?????
Last holiday season, in the midst of a HUGE order for aprons heading to the Cincinnati Convention Center for an event, I lost the bobbin cover for my machine – UGH. UFFDA. Not that I’m surprised that I lost something in the sweatshop (see Busier Than a One-Legged River Dancer and It’s a Process), but I simply didn’t spare the time to order a new part. My best guess was that the 1″ x 1″ plastic part had probably made it’s way into the pocket on one of the aprons and some unsuspecting person was even then trying to figure out what it was!
I had to keep going – it was the busy season after all, so I simply taped over the well where the bobbin sits and kept on truckin’ – I mean sewing.
Yes, you’ve guessed the end of this story. Today – while working on THIS year’s big order for Cincinnati, BTW – I FOUND the stinkin’ little piece of plastic!!! There it was – in my bag of bobbins that I get into at least 20 times a day every day. How do I do this? It’s not easy being me . . .

Back home where it belongs!

Back home where it belongs!


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