Equipment Failures – UFFDA!

Well, I survived for a full year with my sewing machine taped together. Now, I have a camera that’s sporting some tape as well! UFFDA.

I have (had) a pretty nice camera – way beyond my technical abilities, but I’d figured out most of what I needed to know over the years. Recently, it started have seizures – literally – it wouldn’t even turn on and take a photo. Had it checked out and the camera repair guy recommended just buying a new ‘point and shoot’ because it would cost so much to repair it. Well, then it felt better for awhile – still sick, but functioning (sometimes). Until yesterday. Yesterday it decided it was done forever.
In desperation, I retrieved my little old Kodak. It, too, has it’s share of issues – the automatic eye doesn’t open without some help and – last time I used it, I dropped it, breaking the battery cover off completely.

Well, I figured tape worked on the sewing machine, why not give that a try??!! Yup, my advanced repair and rejuvenate skills won the day – it works! Thanks, 3M!!


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