Good to the Last Scrap

When I love a fabric, I love it to the last scrap! I just can’t stand to throw away anything (which does present some storage problems, but anyhoo . . .)!
A while back, I started utilizing some of the smaller pieces in utility aprons 987-Rooster Waitress Apron on Red Dot SOLD– pieces that were not big enough for a full apron, or even a half apron in most patterns. That worked great, EXCEPT that some of the pieces were vertical patterns and weren’t useable on a horizontal apron. Hmmmmmm
I don’t know where it came from but, about a year ago, I dreamed up a “petal” apron using those vertical strips. (see the banner on my blog). I’d seen things like it in the vintage shops and on Pinterest, I suppose, so I figured I could wing it on the pattern.
Voila! Those petals started turning themselves into (I think) adorable little retro-looking half aprons. Combining the different prints and colors was fun. I had a new style that was unique PLUS I was using up even more of those favorite fabrics!

Latest in the lineup is a Valentine apron I’ve got listed in my ETSY shop:


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