CODE RED in the Sweat Shop!!!

OMG! It started with an innocent request from my grandson, Bob: “Grandma, be sure to feed my dinosaurs so they don’t get weak!”

I thought, “Yeah, like THAT’S going to happen . . .” But then I realized I had contracted dinosaur fever during their visit. Little did I know it would be viral in no time at all!!!

I’ve never played video games. I don’t GET them!!! The kids play and I never seem to be able to keep up. “What are you doing? Why are you doing that? What’s making that happen??” They don’t answer – they just keep stabbing their little fingers at the IPad screen and things keep happening . . .

Bob got to add Jurassic Park to the games list on his last (fateful) visit. I’m now at Level 12 with 6 carnivores, 3 herbivores, multiple buildings, exotic landscaping, high functioning harbors and safari lodges for my guests. You’ll be happy to know the park has recently ‘gone green’ with the addition of solar panels.

Bob’s proud of my progress, I know, but I think fear lurks in his little heart that he may not get a turn at the Park the next time he comes to play!!!