What ever happened to?????

I always love hearing where my aprons go and how they are used. Every so often, someone will share their story with me and it’s such fun to hear ‘the rest of the story!’
One of the first stories went with a red, white and blue utility apron I sold. I thought, “Probably Fourth of July . . .” Fireworks Utility Apron Nope! I learned that the lady’s family owned a fireworks business. She was the office manager and intended to wear it to work! Loved it!
Recently, I had a young man order a John Deere waitress apron for his girlfriend’s birthday. He said she was a waitress and asked me to send it to his work address – which turned out to be a John Deere dealership! Sweet. John Deere waitress
Then I got an order from a gentleman in Florida who told me his daughter would be wearing it on a Mexican cooking show – so cool! After the show, he sent a lovely little email with comments from Reesey (his daughter), along with a link to her video. How fun was that??!! Pink Sugar Skulls apron

Check out Reesey making her frozen lime treats.


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