Pack Rats Rule!

I save things – odd things – little things I don’t know why I’m saving or how I’ll ever use the things. BUT, the saving grace (hee hee – ‘saving’ grace) is that often, I DO use them!
Case in point is a bag of miscellaenous embroidered pieces that I’ve been carrying around for, oh, about 30 years give or take. Today, I figured out WHY I kept those things!
I love what I call ’embellished’ aprons – aprons that use bits and pieces of vintage linens (pillow cases, dresser scarves, lace, doilies, etc.). That’s about what was in my bag, so I decided today to try an apron (well, truth be told, I was avoiding something else I should be doing, but wasn’t . . . hummm).

Well, I’m loving it! My Ladies’ Weekend Retreat in the mountains this year is themed “Heritage Days” and I’ll be using this apron as my ‘vintage-inspired’ birthday gift. Hope they like it!