Just DO It!

Writers have writers’ block. I wonder what it’s called when apron makers get stalled? I should find that out, because it happens a lot!

When sales are happening on the ETSY shop (www.etsy.com/shop/SusiesTieOneOnAprons), that’s a good motivator for me. When I find fabulous new fabric, that can generate some excitement. But sometimes, in the doldrums of winter or the lazy days of summer, I need a jump start. I’ve tried just about every theory . . .

Often if I just do SOMETHING – no matter what, just doing something gets things moving. I need a motivational poster for that. I like this one from WisePrints on ETSY (www.etsy.com/shop/WisePrints).
Just Do It

The advice about eating an elephant works, too – one bite at a time . . .

Sometimes I talk to my fabrics: “So, what do YOU want to be?” Sometimes they tell me; sometimes they don’t! “Okay, then. Back in the closet for you!”

Occasionally, I try to bribe myself: “If you finish just ONE apron, you can take a nap – have a treat – buy more fabric!”

When all else fails, I make some easy aprons: “Why, look at you! You made 15 aprons today! You go, girl!”
boy apron banner


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