Trash and Treasures

The last couple of weeks have been spent cleaning out our new little guest cabin. Simply AMAZING how much stuff came out of that tiny 20′ x 20′ space!!!
Much of it was trash – 2 dumpsters full, one trip to the Thrift Shop (so far) and multiple dump runs, but there were a few treasures that turned up along the way – like a beautiful Bauer ringed bowl.

The shop on the property was equally full of STUFF – trash? treasures? Some of each and some trash that became a treasure – check out the bookcase I made from old wooden boxes:
When removing the boxes to clean the shop, I piled them to the side and got my inspiration!
I wanted a reading area in the little A-frame cabin, but space was definitely at a premium and the bookcase I had was wider than I wanted. Many of the old boxes were about 6″ wide, which is perfect for paperbacks and VHS tapes that I wanted to keep in it, so I pulled some of those and did a practice run on how they might be assembled. Here’s the first draft:
After checking the space to be sure it would work and not block the electrical plug, I set to screwing and gluing! I built it row by row, with a board on the bottom to be sure it was all straight. Then I glued the parts together, clamped them, let the glue dry and then went back and put screws in for a more permanent hold. This was repeated 3 times until the bookcase was complete.
Then I lugged my new little treasure over and put it in place – and accessorized, of course!
The reading corner

The reading corner