Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Well, it’s that time again!  I’m stuffed with turkey and looking ahead to the next holiday already!  Yup, BLACK FRIDAY is tomorrow.  I realize there’s a contingent that says we should be with our families and shopping is not what it’s all about, blah, blah, blah.  But really?  Come on!  A.  My family’s not here.  B.  There’s a sale on!

I have my daughter working the marketing angle for the sweatshop, so I can mostly just sit and digest but, just in case anyone’s paying attention, here are the secret formulas for my ETSY shop!

I’ll give you a list of coupon codes, but you can only use one (darn!), so choose what works for you and saves the most $$

On Black Friday:

BLACK15 gives you 15% off orders of $30 or more

BLACK25 gives you 25% off orders of $50 or more

WORLD10 gives you 10% off any order, no matter where in the world you live!

FREESHIP gives you free shipping on orders $25 or more

On Cyber Monday, it’s pretty much the same, except BLACK turns to CYBER (i.e. CYBER15 and CYBER25).


Got it?  There’s lots of good stuff, so take a look:


Just an Old Hipster

I find it slightly hysterical that the ‘new’ favorite craft of many hipsters is crocheting! How many centuries has this been around and how many daughters have learned from mothers this amazing and versatile skill? Now you go to U Tube and watch a video to learn! (Well, I tried that, and even knowing what I was supposed to do, found it hard to follow. Old dog/new tricks.)
Growing up in a family of master crocheters (see photos), it’s odd that I never learned from Grandma or Nana or anyone in the family

– I learned at the ripe old age of 20 from a friend. My instructions went like this: “wind it around, stick the needle through, catch the yarn, pull it back, do it again”, etc., etc. It was the 70s and I learned to make a Granny Square (of course). I still have that very first afghan!
Here it is!  A 45 year old Granny Square afghan (and my Scottie puppy in the background).

Here it is! A 45 year old Granny Square afghan (and my Scottie puppy in the background).

Then, after about a year of Granny Square projects (shrink tops, baby blankets, more afghans), my mom said, “Are you going to just do that forever, or are you going to learn how to really crochet?!” Hummmm. Okay.
Mom, actually, was not into crochet herself – knit, sew, quilt and everything else, but she left the crocheting to others. So, I got myself a ‘Learn to Crochet’ book and practiced all those stitches – which I discovered were really just multiples of the same thing, i.e. do 5 or 6 doubles in a single stitch and you have a puff or popcorn stitch.
Recently, we had a fun contest on my Facebook page and my friend, Betty, mentioned she was busy with her crochet. Made me a little envious. Crochet was my first love. And, I still try to work some in between aprons. I have an afghan for one of the grandkids in production that I’m trying to finish by Christmas. Does that make me a hipster? Okay, an old hipster?

Pack Rats Rule!

I save things – odd things – little things I don’t know why I’m saving or how I’ll ever use the things. BUT, the saving grace (hee hee – ‘saving’ grace) is that often, I DO use them!
Case in point is a bag of miscellaenous embroidered pieces that I’ve been carrying around for, oh, about 30 years give or take. Today, I figured out WHY I kept those things!
I love what I call ’embellished’ aprons – aprons that use bits and pieces of vintage linens (pillow cases, dresser scarves, lace, doilies, etc.). That’s about what was in my bag, so I decided today to try an apron (well, truth be told, I was avoiding something else I should be doing, but wasn’t . . . hummm).

Well, I’m loving it! My Ladies’ Weekend Retreat in the mountains this year is themed “Heritage Days” and I’ll be using this apron as my ‘vintage-inspired’ birthday gift. Hope they like it!

Even Smaller Scraps

I told you I hate to throw those scraps away! When I couldn’t squeak and adult petal out of a scrap, I made a few kid-sized petals and gave those a whirl – LOVED the results! These little half aprons are too cute:

Let’s Make a Deal!

I used to love that show! Sometimes I make deals with myself, like “if you just finish ONE apron, you can go to the fabric store.” or “Get these ‘have to’ aprons done, and you can work on what you want to!” Sometimes it works, sometimes not!
I was cruising Pinterest this a.m. and found lots of sewing funnies. It helps to know I’m not alone!