Mini and Me

The ‘Egg Wrangler’ aprons I dreamed up a couple of months ago have been a wonderfully surprising success – YAY! When Peggy Sue from Benton, Arkansas, got hers, she put a little bug in my ear: “I just received this apron today. I LOVE IT!! I was wondering if there was any way you could make my Mini-Me a matching apron?” Well, you know I don’t normally do custom orders, but that sounded so sweet! And, you know I have a soft spot for junior chicken farmers!

Fortunately, I had enough of mom’s fabric left to create a matching apron for ‘Mini’. “I may not be able to fit many pockets on a small version,” I cautioned, but Peggy Sue said, “. . .sounds perfect. The only gets 2 eggs right now. One for each hand.”!

It seems Mini loved mom’s apron and loves to help with the gathering

Thanks to Peggy Sue and Mini, I have a great new idea that’s proving as popular as the Egg Wranglers: the Mini Egg Wranglers!


Don’t Bug Me!

Normally, I say NO to custom orders – I learned that one the hard way! I really love it when someone says,

“I want one JUST LIKE THAT! Oh, except, could you make it pink cupcakes instead of aqua cupcakes and add some lace, but leave off the buttons and add another pocket. – And I need it by Saturday.”
lemon apron
A plus size lady recently inquired about an apron that was no longer available in a pretty lemon print. When she told me she had trouble finding aprons, because they were all made for ‘stick insects’ I nearly fell on the floor laughing.
With special Brownie points for making my day, I agreed to see if I could get more fabric and help her out!

Thanksgiving-Black Friday-Small Business Saturday-Cyber Monday

THANKSGIVING is Thursday and just one of the many things I’m thankful for is the success of my little apron business!
BLACK FRIDAY follows and, for those of us in business, that means sales!
SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY is a day to buy from small, local businesses and support their efforts (pick me! pick me!).
Sunday will be my family day and, hopefully, a day of rest.
CYBER MONDAY is supposedly the biggest Internet sales day of the year.
Am I ready for all of this? I hope so!
FREESHIP coupon code lock

If you’re out shopping, I hope you find great deals. If you’re IN shopping, I hope you stop by and look at some aprons! Use the coupon code shown above when you check out to get your free shipping: FREESHIP
*Good on domestic orders over $25

What ever happened to?????

I always love hearing where my aprons go and how they are used. Every so often, someone will share their story with me and it’s such fun to hear ‘the rest of the story!’
One of the first stories went with a red, white and blue utility apron I sold. I thought, “Probably Fourth of July . . .” Fireworks Utility Apron Nope! I learned that the lady’s family owned a fireworks business. She was the office manager and intended to wear it to work! Loved it!
Recently, I had a young man order a John Deere waitress apron for his girlfriend’s birthday. He said she was a waitress and asked me to send it to his work address – which turned out to be a John Deere dealership! Sweet. John Deere waitress
Then I got an order from a gentleman in Florida who told me his daughter would be wearing it on a Mexican cooking show – so cool! After the show, he sent a lovely little email with comments from Reesey (his daughter), along with a link to her video. How fun was that??!! Pink Sugar Skulls apron

Check out Reesey making her frozen lime treats.

CODE RED in the Sweat Shop!!!

OMG! It started with an innocent request from my grandson, Bob: “Grandma, be sure to feed my dinosaurs so they don’t get weak!”

I thought, “Yeah, like THAT’S going to happen . . .” But then I realized I had contracted dinosaur fever during their visit. Little did I know it would be viral in no time at all!!!

I’ve never played video games. I don’t GET them!!! The kids play and I never seem to be able to keep up. “What are you doing? Why are you doing that? What’s making that happen??” They don’t answer – they just keep stabbing their little fingers at the IPad screen and things keep happening . . .

Bob got to add Jurassic Park to the games list on his last (fateful) visit. I’m now at Level 12 with 6 carnivores, 3 herbivores, multiple buildings, exotic landscaping, high functioning harbors and safari lodges for my guests. You’ll be happy to know the park has recently ‘gone green’ with the addition of solar panels.

Bob’s proud of my progress, I know, but I think fear lurks in his little heart that he may not get a turn at the Park the next time he comes to play!!!

But I Don’t Cook!

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this when selling aprons at a Farmers’ Market, Craft Fair or similar event. And I want to say ‘REALLY??’ – you can’t think of anything else you can do in an apron? (Do you craft? Do you sew? Do you knit? Do you have animals?) You never give gifts? You don’t know anyone who DOES cook?!
I have to confess, I still mainly think of aprons as kitchen tools myself, but since the birth of Tie One On! Aprons, I’ve heard the other side of the argument as well – and gotten lots of great ideas in the process.
One customer ordered a red, white and blue utility apron somewhere around 4th of July. I thought, “Great! I’ll bet they’re working at a booth on the Fourth!”



Then I got a fun little note from the lady who purchased the apron that explained “My family owns a fireworks company. I’m the office manager and I’m going to wear the apron in the office.” YAY! How cool is that?
Another great idea – I think – is a set of aprons for a second marriage. When people marry later in life, they have pretty much everything they need – you don’t have to get them a toaster – you can get something fun. Several people have told me they were purchasing aprons for just that reason. In one case, we chose coordinating tiger print aprons for the bride and groom. Since the newlyweds were nearing 70, the animal prints elicited plenty of teasing.

The utility aprons, especially, make fabulous little gifts without a lot of expense. They’re perfect for kids and adults alike.
*Going to a dinner party? Staying overnight with a friend? – Choose a utility in a theme that matches the event or the person and watch their delight when they receive the apron!
*Trying to think of new things to stuff in those Christmas stockings? Aprons are perfect! They’re even more fun when you fill the pockets – pens, pencils, crayons, tablets, scissors, craft items, seeds, plant markers.
*Need a children’s birthday gift? Pair up a cute apron with another gift – a tea set, a children’s cookbook, felt food, a bake set.
*Going to a bridal shower? Aprons are back “in” and very popular with young brides! Choose one of the sexy models for that – she probably doesn’t cook, either, but who cares?
My grandsons have their own egg business and utility aprons have been a handy thing for them, too. I made them each their own apron.
They can even collect the eggs in them! We’ve donated aprons to their Chicken Club raffles (great prizes). The 4H leaders love them.
The 3B Egg Company - Fallon, Nevada

The 3B Egg Company – Fallon, Nevada

987-Rooster Waitress Apron on Red Dot w Yellow Ties

This was was chosen by a child as a Mother's Day present

This was was chosen by a child as a Mother’s Day present

One of my customers has a son and daughter-in-law who live in Italy. She chose the “Italian Cooking” print apron to send to her daughter-in-law.
1015-Italian Cooking Butcher
So, if you don’t cook and you can’t think of anything to do in an apron, think GIFT! Keep a few on hand for those last minute things that pop up – you’ll be glad you did!

Christmas Tags

In Apronland, there are always scraps and always excess STUFF – bits and pieces of trims, single buttons, cardboard from trim packages, etc., etc. I’ve always thought I should be able to find a use for those great little pieces of cardboard that the seam binding and rick rack are wound around.
Getting ready for my annual Ladies’ Weekend in the mountains – this year our theme was “Christmas in August” – I bought some brown paper tags to decorate (saw it on Pinterest). Then I realized those handy dandy little cardboard pieces were just about the same size as the tags I’d purchased! YIPPEE – an idea was born.