Cookie Day!

My favorite day of the holiday season is the day I round up all the grandkids for Cookie Day! First there was one:
nick in Santa hat

nick making cookies2

Then there were two:

Then there were two . . .

Then there were two . . .

Before I knew it, there were 3 – and ALL BOYS!!! (This qualifies for UFFDA.)

Then, I got a GIRL! (She’s the one rolling around on the counter, lol!)

xCookie Chaos

Last year, one of the moms was missing after accepting a new job out of state but, with the help of Facetime, she got to be part of the organized chaos we call Cookie Day!

The kids love it.

I love it.
"A good grandma lets them lick the beaters.  A great grandma turns off the mixer first."

“A good grandma lets them lick the beaters. A great grandma turns off the mixer first.”

Even the DOG loves it!

Happy Holidays! Share a cookie with someone you love!


Even Smaller Scraps

I told you I hate to throw those scraps away! When I couldn’t squeak and adult petal out of a scrap, I made a few kid-sized petals and gave those a whirl – LOVED the results! These little half aprons are too cute:

When men were men, women wore aprons and notions were 19 cents!

Sometimes I crack myself up when I see the things I have in my sweatshop! I’m not one to throw something away if I think I could possibly use it at some point in time. But, that can lead to crowded spaces. Then again, it does give me a chuckle now and then.
Digging through my notions the other day, I found I still had some of my mother’s sewing notions. I’ve been using them – I really have, although they’re probably in the vintage category by now. Seriously, check out the prices on this stuff:

Before there was Velcro, there were hooks and eyes!

Before there was Velcro, there were hooks and eyes!

Can you see the football helmet?!!

Can you see the football helmet?!!

It's about $2 a package now!

Do they even make these any longer?

Do they even make these any longer?

Takes me back to the days when ‘men were men, women wore aprons and notions were CHEAP!’

Confessions of a Plant Junkie

Before aprons, there were flowers! Lots and lots and LOTS of flowers! I once went to the local nursery (on my daily visit) and the clerk told me, “You’re a plant junkie!” Humph – just ’cause I needed a quick flower fix, no need to call me names.
But, yeah, I guess I was. I could never decide which I liked best, and ended up getting a little of this and a little of that. Same thing with the accents – so many choices, so hard to decide.

So, what do garden gnomes, St. Francis and turtles have in common?? Nothing!! That’s my point. (I’m talking about that syndrome where people can’t decide on a cohesive look and end up with everything from naked women to frogs in their gardens!!!

I visited gardens whenever I could – Butchart in British Columbia, Longview in Delaware, even the Kukenhopf in the Netherlands. GORGEOUS, FABULOUS, AMAZING! What I learned from them was that mass plantings have far more impact than one of this and one of that. Toward the end of my gardening days, I think I had the theory down pretty well!

My primary ornament of choice became sunfaces – at one point there were probably 20 or more on the fences.

So, how does this relate to aprons? When I opened my ETSY shop of handmade aprons, I decided to focus strictly on aprons. Not because there aren’t great things out there and other things I enjoy making, but because I knew how easily I can get sidetracked – if I made ONE potholder, then it’d be a table runner, then some towels, then hooter hiders and, after that, who knows what!??!!!

Yes, boys DO like aprons!

Went to a class recently, and the woman sitting next to me learned I made aprons.  I mentioned I made quite a few for my grandsons and she gave me a look like I must’ve slipped a cog.  “What?”  I said.  “Boys like aprons, too!”

My son c. 1987.

My son c. 1987.

My son has always loved cooking and baking since he was a little boy.

My littlest grandson loves to play restaurant, complete with a kitchen, felt food and a waiter’s apron.  All of my boys are called upon to model aprons for me I volunteer, Grandma!

Beware of kitchen props!

Beware of kitchen props!

sometimes they are even called upon to model girl aprons, but they’re pretty good sports about that, too!).That pretty little blonde . . .Another blonde in sunflowers!

ALL of the kids love to join in at Christmas time for our annual cookie making day.

Rolling pin class

Rolling pin class

Never call it a cookie 'gun' when working with boys!  UFFDA

Never call it a cookie ‘gun’ when working with boys! UFFDA

So, yes, boys DO LOVE APRONS!

Child Models – UFFDA!

Working with child models has a lot of challenges, as you can well imagine!  They wiggle, they giggle, they use their props for battles, they have the attention span of a gnat – but oh, the laughs we have!

Petal Skirt Scrap Apron – An UFFDA Day

A week or so ago, I found a wonderful FREE PATTERN at  So cute, I had to try it!  Here’s my first one:

My first attempt-YEAH-success!

My first attempt-YEAH-success!

Inspired by my success, I thought I’d modify a bit and make the lower portion of the apron using some of my fabric ‘petals’ that I make half aprons from:

Petal style retro half apron - one of many I did recently.

Petal style retro half apron – one of many I did recently.  I chose my petals in reds and got started.

My original choice for the skirt of my pieced apron.

My original choice for the skirt of my pieced apron.

Then the UFFDA portion of the day kicked in!  For the uninformed, “UFFDA” is a precursor of the modern text language OMG.  It can mean anything from ‘holy cow’, to ‘I can’t believe this’, to ‘you’ve GOT to be kidding!”    First, I got my petals mixed up and sewed them in the wrong order.  Then I had to rip those seams (double, because they were French seams).  Then I decided it needed to be wider, so I found some additional coordinating petals.  Sewed one of those on backwards – French seams are tricky for me.  More ripping and this time – because I got impatient – I ripped both seam AND fabric!!!  UFFDA.  No way to repair and no more of that fabric available, even after tearing apart my scrap bin.  MORE ripping x2!!  Double UFFDA.  Found some more fabric and added in apple pies to finish the skirt.  Got it all together eventually, but only because it was me vs. the apron at that point and I HAD to win!  Good grief (UFFDA) – it’s cute in the long run, but wowzer, it was definitely an UFFDA apron!IMGP2169