Mini and Me

The ‘Egg Wrangler’ aprons I dreamed up a couple of months ago have been a wonderfully surprising success – YAY! When Peggy Sue from Benton, Arkansas, got hers, she put a little bug in my ear: “I just received this apron today. I LOVE IT!! I was wondering if there was any way you could make my Mini-Me a matching apron?” Well, you know I don’t normally do custom orders, but that sounded so sweet! And, you know I have a soft spot for junior chicken farmers!

Fortunately, I had enough of mom’s fabric left to create a matching apron for ‘Mini’. “I may not be able to fit many pockets on a small version,” I cautioned, but Peggy Sue said, “. . .sounds perfect. The only gets 2 eggs right now. One for each hand.”!

It seems Mini loved mom’s apron and loves to help with the gathering

Thanks to Peggy Sue and Mini, I have a great new idea that’s proving as popular as the Egg Wranglers: the Mini Egg Wranglers!


Don’t Bug Me!

Normally, I say NO to custom orders – I learned that one the hard way! I really love it when someone says,

“I want one JUST LIKE THAT! Oh, except, could you make it pink cupcakes instead of aqua cupcakes and add some lace, but leave off the buttons and add another pocket. – And I need it by Saturday.”
lemon apron
A plus size lady recently inquired about an apron that was no longer available in a pretty lemon print. When she told me she had trouble finding aprons, because they were all made for ‘stick insects’ I nearly fell on the floor laughing.
With special Brownie points for making my day, I agreed to see if I could get more fabric and help her out!

Flying by the Seat of my Pants

When I started this whole ‘making aprons’ thing, I thought it would go the way of macrame’ plant hangers and photo cards – in other words, I didn’t think it would last! Now approaching apron #2000, I’m still flying by the seat of my pants.
Because I thought I’d get over this (ha!), I didn’t jump in feet first and buy a lot of special equipment. I had a sewing machine, a camera, a few patterns and a computer. That’s all I needed, right?
It wasn’t long before I had to get creative about storing stuff.
*I used an old bookcase for my children’s fabrics

List of needs, recent aprons, fabric for 'next up' (on top), fabric for kids (bottom)

List of needs, recent aprons, fabric for ‘next up’ (on top), fabric for kids (bottom)

*A curtain rod was hung in a corner for kids’ aprons
An early shot of the kids' section - not so roomy now!

An early shot of the kids’ section – not so roomy now!

*Plastic egg crates on sale from Walmart ($1!) gave me some fabric storage under the kids’ aprons
*I had one small closet for aprons and I added plastic storage bins above and below for all manner of stuff – trims, ribbon, scraps, etc.
Your basic crammed closet - plus doorway overflow

Your basic crammed closet – plus doorway overflow

*Command hooks gave me more hanging space (as did a back of the door hanger)

*Clotheslines were strung up in the backyard for photo sessions

*My daughter’s rolling cart became my mobile accessory organizer
*I got a plus size dress form (bought her a big girl bra at Wally World) and named her Gertrude
*My husband made me wooden racks to use when I have overflow
*Baggies became my new best friends!! I use them for everything from patterns, to buttons, clips, D rings and bobbins

*Grandma’s dining room buffet became my mailing station
*Every spare closet in the house has SOME aprons in it! So does my storage room.
*My ‘sweatshop’ has no less than a DOZEN lights to help my failing eyes
*Plastic buckets hold trim scraps (and, yes, they do get used!)
*Rubbermaid tubs hold pounds and pounds of scraps (for patchwork aprons, scrap projects and quilts as time permits)
*Patterns have been traced onto Dollar Store paper in every size. Keeping them organized is an ongoing battle and fodder for many UFFDA days!
*Color coded storage units hold trims and thread (and the overflow spills out from there!)

I love seeing people that have ‘inspiring’ and organized work spaces – maybe someday. Until then, I’m still FLYING BY THE SEAT OF MY PANTS!

I Long for FRUIT!

Technology gives me brain freeze!

I put off opening my ETSY shop – probably too long – because I was overwhelmed by the technology. Finally, I mustered the courage and took the plunge, but now they want me to use all of these techno programs, apps, WHATEVER to market my aprons. SHEESH!
This says it all!

This says it all!

Even Smaller Scraps

I told you I hate to throw those scraps away! When I couldn’t squeak and adult petal out of a scrap, I made a few kid-sized petals and gave those a whirl – LOVED the results! These little half aprons are too cute:

CODE RED in the Sweat Shop!!!

OMG! It started with an innocent request from my grandson, Bob: “Grandma, be sure to feed my dinosaurs so they don’t get weak!”

I thought, “Yeah, like THAT’S going to happen . . .” But then I realized I had contracted dinosaur fever during their visit. Little did I know it would be viral in no time at all!!!

I’ve never played video games. I don’t GET them!!! The kids play and I never seem to be able to keep up. “What are you doing? Why are you doing that? What’s making that happen??” They don’t answer – they just keep stabbing their little fingers at the IPad screen and things keep happening . . .

Bob got to add Jurassic Park to the games list on his last (fateful) visit. I’m now at Level 12 with 6 carnivores, 3 herbivores, multiple buildings, exotic landscaping, high functioning harbors and safari lodges for my guests. You’ll be happy to know the park has recently ‘gone green’ with the addition of solar panels.

Bob’s proud of my progress, I know, but I think fear lurks in his little heart that he may not get a turn at the Park the next time he comes to play!!!

Get OUT of the Scrap Bin, Already!!!

Good grief! The patchwork petal aprons morphed again – ‘what if I added a bib??” I asked. Well, that question was answered, at least in the kid version! I think they’re darling – now I suppose I’ll have to try a bib on the adult version and see how that works . . .

Of course, all that rooting around in the scrap bin brought up a couple of inspiration pieces and this is what I came up with:


We’re talking seriously cute, here. I LOVE this! If I only had bigger scraps, I could make myself one. Oh, well, a little sidetracked from the work plan, but I found some fun stuff on the detour. “Establishing goals is all right if you don’t let them deprive you of interesting detours.” ~Doug Larson~