Mini and Me

The ‘Egg Wrangler’ aprons I dreamed up a couple of months ago have been a wonderfully surprising success – YAY! When Peggy Sue from Benton, Arkansas, got hers, she put a little bug in my ear: “I just received this apron today. I LOVE IT!! I was wondering if there was any way you could make my Mini-Me a matching apron?” Well, you know I don’t normally do custom orders, but that sounded so sweet! And, you know I have a soft spot for junior chicken farmers!

Fortunately, I had enough of mom’s fabric left to create a matching apron for ‘Mini’. “I may not be able to fit many pockets on a small version,” I cautioned, but Peggy Sue said, “. . .sounds perfect. The only gets 2 eggs right now. One for each hand.”!

It seems Mini loved mom’s apron and loves to help with the gathering

Thanks to Peggy Sue and Mini, I have a great new idea that’s proving as popular as the Egg Wranglers: the Mini Egg Wranglers!


Chicken Love

As you have learned (if you’ve read any of my ramblings), I can’t seem to throw things away. Therefore, I’m always on the lookout for something to make from the (400 lbs., give or take of) scraps I’ve been saving.

I LOVE chicken prints – maybe because the grandkids used to raise chickens – maybe just because they’re semi-wonderful. At any rate, I have lots of chicken fabric scraps.

I toyed with the idea of a chicken crazy quilt, but then I sobered up – when would I find the time for THAT project??!! Then I thought about the same idea on a smaller scale – what about placemats??? GENIUS!

One small detail was that I’ve never made a crazy quilt. I had a vague idea of the process and I checked a couple of tutorials and asked my 95 year old sewing advisor and then I just sort of jumped in! Hey, it’s not like I don’t have more scraps if this didn’t work out . . .

It was FUN!!! Didn’t take long (love that). I made a few mistakes; they’re not exactly ‘fair quality’ but they’re not bad. I even learned how to use the fancy stitching on my sewing machine!

Inspiration Hits! (Occasionally)

I bought this beautiful, old-fashioned rooster print fabric – probably a YEAR ago – and then could  not seem to come up with any brilliant ideas on how to use it.

Retro Rooster Print

Retro Rooster Print

The problem was the large medallions showcasing the roosters – how to use them and not lose them . . . Eventually, I decided that a classic half apron with a ruffle (maybe in bandanna?) would be fun, but once I got the fabric out and laying there together, I thought, ‘what about one of those ‘fat quarter’ aprons -there I go, thinking again!  (see UFFA days) with some country classic prints on the skirt??  I think it could work – we’ll see!

Here's the rough plan

Here’s the rough plan