Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Boy, there’s a song that will run through your head driving you NUTS! But it is inspirational.

Tying the itty bitty packages can be a little challenging . . .

Tying the itty bitty packages can be a little challenging . . .

My daughter, who helps me with my Pinterest boards, added a new board recently with ideas for gifts and wrapping. She named it ‘Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String.’ I’ve been having a lot of fun with that one – finding fun stuff for gifts and wonderful, clever ideas for wrapping. But, oh, that song!
Then, I saw a fun idea for an Advent/Countdown to Christmas wreath that used – you guessed it – brown paper packages tied up with string!
My grandsons were already in full Christmas spirit – they put up their tree in mid-November!!! I figured they would drive their mom crazy by the time Christmas finally arrived, so I decided to try the idea I’d seen. Since they live far away, I found the packages, wrapped them and sent them off. They’ll have to decide how to hang them. The original idea of a wreath was great, but I think you could hang them on the tree or put them in a basket or hang them on a towel bar . . .
I had to get my rear in gear to get those gifts off so I didn’t miss the start of the countdown (Dec.1), but I had a little more time for my local grandkids AND I could go ahead and attach them to a wreath (I just got one at Michael’s on sale).
For both families, I decided to include parents as well as kids in the gift selection – I think it helps a little to teach patience and sharing. I also had to do a little thinking about the lineup – mixing kid gifts with adult gifts. There were ornaments included in each set. They had to be on the early days so they could go on the tree. Gloves and socks made great little packages – they could be rolled up tight and didn’t weigh much (I made a couple of errors in judgment on weight – a bag of marbles might have pulled the wreath right off the wall, lol!). Some of the packages were pretty cool stuff – a Frozen bracelet, a purse flashlight, an apron (of course), while others were pretty simple – hair accessories, flavored lip balm – even character bandaids! The trickiest part was finding the little, lightweight stuff.
Lessons learned: No heavy objects and the smaller, the better. Also, use lightweight craft paper. I had only the heavy-duty package paper – tying it with string was not enough and regular tape didn’t hold, so I had to use packing tape, too.
Each package had a number and a name (in this case initials).

Each package had a number and a name (in this case initials).

All in all, it was a fun project and, I think, a better way to give some of those little items that are fun, but get lost in the madness if you wait until Christmas!