Recycling Efforts

In my last post, I mentioned some treasures found in our new guest cabin.  What I didn’t mention were the TONS of blue jeans left behind!  Why?  No clue.  But, my beady little eyes lit up and my tiny brain starting whirling with ideas about jean aprons.

After a busy summer and some Pinterest research about possibilities for using my treasures (plus running them all through the washer, of course) – I came up with a few variations that are kind of fun.  Putting my own little twist on some fun ideas I found, here’s what I came up with.

First is my “Egg Wrangler” apron, which combines the strength of a blue jean butt with no less that 12 pockets for gathering eggs!

Urban chicken farming seems to be the new favorite hipster hobby – and, of course, it’s always been a standard for farmers and country folk who value fresh eggs.  These aprons use the rear of the jeans, with the denim pockets removed and double strength cotton pleated pockets added.  A fabric tie run through the existing belt loops and that’s it!!!

Next, I tweaked one of my most popular aprons – the utility.  Teachers, vendors, gardeners, waitresses – they all LOVE this handy short style with plenty of pockets, so this one also uses the rear – plus part of the front as well.  I had room to add a third pocket in between the two existing denim pockets so, with the narrow side pockets (which used to be the front), the apron now has 5 pockets – all double stitched, all denim strong.  I found that binding the edges worked best.  Sewing through multiple layers of denim on my little sewing machine is a bit of a challenge.  Besides, it gives it a nice, finished look.  Again, I made a fabric tie, but then realized I needed 2 more belt loops so it didn’t sag.  I got out my trusty seam ripper (never far from my heart or my hands) and found a couple on a piece of jeans I wasn’t using.  So, that finished that one.

Last (at least for now), I used one of the jean fronts, which were building up in the scrap pile since I’d been using all backs.  By holding the front pocket linings out of the way, I was able to take 2 recycled back pockets and sew them on the front.  That way, both the existing front pockets AND the attached back pockets were usable – it even had the coin/key pocket!  I edged it in binding and this time added a little eyelet lace – who doesn’t like a little added femininity?

Again, I needed more loops and I was out, so I had to make my own.  I could’ve just sewed the belt to the waistband, I guess, but I like the idea of being able to remove or change out the belt if you want to.  #3 design finished!

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Thanksgiving-Black Friday-Small Business Saturday-Cyber Monday

THANKSGIVING is Thursday and just one of the many things I’m thankful for is the success of my little apron business!
BLACK FRIDAY follows and, for those of us in business, that means sales!
SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY is a day to buy from small, local businesses and support their efforts (pick me! pick me!).
Sunday will be my family day and, hopefully, a day of rest.
CYBER MONDAY is supposedly the biggest Internet sales day of the year.
Am I ready for all of this? I hope so!
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It’s a Process

ETSY keeps telling me I need to show my customers my ‘process’. Frankly, I’m not sure they’re ready for it! My little home business started slowly and, happily, is rolling along nicely. HOWEVER, since it wasn’t a strictly planned venture, it’s sort of a ‘use what you have’ operation.
I took a few pictures of how things really look – no staging – no arranging – just the real deal. My daughter and I were supposed to do a late-season Farmers Market the evening prior, but we got cancelled due to weather, so much of what went there is still not totally put away.

Then, because it’s heading into the holiday season and I have to keep things where I can find them, I had to set up some temporary racks in the family room:
Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming!

While prepping for the market, I realized my stock of children’s utility aprons had shrunk to almost nothing, so my agenda for the day was to at least build and cut a few of those. That’s always good for a nice mess, too!

But wait! You won’t get the full effect of ‘the process’ without visiting the sweatshop – it’s also full to capacity.

And here’s how I keep track of my inventory: each apron is photographed, tagged, logged on an Excel spreadsheet. As one apron is finished, the next number is put up on the lamp switch!
UFFDA! Truly – there is a method to my madness, it just doesn’t look like it – hahahahaha!